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Official Student Reviewer

5 Stars

So Convenient!

Reviewed By: Maran Nelson | Class of 2013 |

Orange Market is the go to place for me when I'm in a rush to get anything. Not only are they just stocked with everything you can imagine, but the staff there is super nice and friendly. If they don't have something the first time I ask, I can expect it there the next time I come. I love Orange Market!

Student Review

5 Stars

Awesome deal!

Reviewed By: Anthony Fisher | 1 Like

Even though I was getting a few things, some beer, Sprite, and cheese dip for only $6 bucks was something I couldn't pass up. I can definitely party on a budget with this deal.

Student Review

4 Stars


Reviewed By: Olivia Lin | 1 Like

Seemed more meant for purchasing alcohol rather than food/snacks, but it turned out okay anyways.

Student Review

2 Stars

Orange Market: West Campus

Reviewed By: Ngoc Dung Dang |

Not as many stuff as I expected, but it does have some exotic snacks

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  • Orange Market is the cheapest place to get beer anywhere near campus so be sure to stock up on 30 racks here.
  • If Orange Market doesn't have what you're looking for, tell the staff, they might order it just for you!

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It's a bit silly how convenient Orange Market is. With being just a few blocks away from campus, you can pick up just about anything at Orange market, rather it's a 30-pack, bag of chips, or even a bottle of laundry detergent. Orange Market is the mothership for UT students, carrying everything a Longhorn could ever possibly need.

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  • 910 W 25th St
  • Phone: (512) 482-8458
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